Americans Producing Jobs

Cruise 150x150 America Needs Creative Producers Now The American people need to become producers in a big way.  Rich Dad/ Poor Dad author Rich Kiyosaki said, “the jobs are not coming to America”.  No use trying to wait for them.  It is time to get rid of the television and start a real business.

A few days ago, I spent the morning cleaning my office space being a teacher in special education.  I basically wished my colleagues a nice summer vacation as I walked out the door.   Deep down inside me, I thought to myself, Will I really be back?  What will I do when I am making a six figure income by September?

I keep hearing the economic doom and gloom on the radio as I drive home.  Nobody, (especially our leaders) seem to have the answers for our financial woes.  I have some serious concerns for the students taking out these student loans and not finding employment.  These loans are exempt from being forgiven in a bankruptcy proceeding.  Why can’t we create our own jobs?  Why can’t we start using our God given asset, the mind, and reverse this potential collapse?

Jobs are not coming to America anytime soon folks.  It is time to be creative and build businesses that produce real wealth.  Lets help our fellow Americans find employment by our own efforts.  Job creation should be the discussion on every American street corner.  Are we in a coma?

You see, I have access to some products that people want.  These products are available to the masses and will help better your life.  Could you use a resort vacation with your family?  How about losing weight and improving your heart?  Why not help others see their own potential and improve the mindset of each individual.

What if we took a personal passion, hobby and made it a real business that produces wealth and time freedom?  A business that generates jobs for other people and keeps Uncle Sam happy.  This nation under God needs producers, visionaries, and creators.  Where are the Richard Bransons of the world?

We all have our own dreams.  Stop the never-ending mind scarcity game.  Can you see yourself on a resort beach house having the time of your life?  Would you like to actually spend time with people you care about?  Can you see yourself as a business owner making your own hours, your own decisions, and helping others live their own dreams?  Is anybody home?

  • Salimore

    Great article and tells it like it is.  All about personal responsibility.

  • Jefflambson

    Thank you Sallie for the kind words.  "Telling it like it is" has its limitations when most sheeple don't want to hear it.  Hearing about the Tom Cruise divorce is much more interesting.

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